How to DIY the Knotted & Twist Front Shirt

What’s with the knotted shirt trend? Well, it adds an interesting detail and makes your shirts fit better! This trend is still going strong, because retailers are selling the heck out of knotted shirts and twisted knot shirts. If you want to skip the higher price and just do it yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

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4th of July Outfit Ideas

When it comes to 4th of July outfit ideas, whether you embrace or avoid red, white and blue is totally up to you. I absolutely love navy stripes on the 4th, but you really don’t have to wear red, white, blue, or stripes to look festive or patriotic on this fun day.

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Swimsuit Styles by Season

Buying a swimsuit evokes a lot of emotion as standing in front of the mirror is never fun. The saving grace of the swimsuit is that it generally comes in such fun prints and colors. Luckily, the swimsuit styles of 2018 don’t disappoint. To make it easier for you, read on for a guide to the prints and styles that will.

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Fabletics Review

I’ve been meaning to try Fabletics for quite some time now. I always feel the need for new yoga clothes since I teach it three times per week. I decided to do a Fabletics review, because I’m tired of paying the high cost of Lululemon or having cheaper clothes wear...

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3 Reasons to Buy a Capsule Wardrobe

The “Capsule wardrobe” has become a huge buzzword phrase with lots of people looking to minimize their wardrobe along with their shopping budget. If you haven’t caught on to the craze just yet and are thinking, what is a capsule wardrobe, anyway? A capsule wardrobe is...

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5 Best Outfit Color Combinations

Before Personal Color Analysis, I fell into a rut when buying colors. If I walked up to a sale rack at Target with 3 t-shirts for $24, I would invariably pick white, black, and a color at random. This resulted in a really boring wardrobe that didn't work together and...

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Best Jewelry for Each Season

I always tell my clients that knowing your season - and thereby your best colors and styles - isn’t about being prettier. You are always beautiful regardless of what you wear. It’s about you shining versus allowing the items you are wearing to shine. This concept...

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Best Winter to Spring Outfits

Our weather in Nebraska is bipolar as we’ve had 70 degree days plus snow in the past week! I think we finally had our last snow and I am praying for spring to start for real and stick! Thinking about warmer weather got me thinking about my transition pieces. Winter...

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