Fabletics Review

I’ve been meaning to try Fabletics for quite some time now. I always feel the need for new yoga clothes since I teach it three times per week. I decided to do a Fabletics review, because I’m tired of paying the high cost of Lululemon or having cheaper...

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5 Best Outfit Color Combinations

Before Personal Color Analysis, I fell into a rut when buying colors. If I walked up to a sale rack at Target with 3 t-shirts for $24, I would invariably pick white, black, and a color at random. This resulted in a really boring wardrobe that didn't work...

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Best Jewelry for Each Season

I always tell my clients that knowing your season - and thereby your best colors and styles - isn’t about being prettier. You are always beautiful regardless of what you wear. It’s about you shining versus allowing the items you are wearing to shine. This...

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Best Winter to Spring Outfits

Our weather in Nebraska is bipolar as we’ve had 70 degree days plus snow in the past week! I think we finally had our last snow and I am praying for spring to start for real and stick! Thinking about warmer weather got me thinking about my transition...

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10 Minute Closet Clean-Out

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear? The problem may not be the quality of your clothes, but rather the quantity. Cleaning out the dregs, will leave you with a wearable wardrobe. At the end of each season, I take just 10 minutes to...

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