How to Look Put Together – 3 Easy Ways to Make Casual Outfits Pop

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I love Summer. Who doesn’t? I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about picnics, BBQs, and living in casual clothes? With all of the flip-flops and casual tees, it’s sometimes hard to know how to look put together. It really is as easy as just adding one element to make your outfit pop.

how to look put together

My mom loves the word “pop.” She is often heard saying, “Wow, that color really makes you pop!” It’s become the catch phrase of our family. There are three really simple ways to look put together when wearing a summer outfit like a t-shirt and shorts. It comes down to adding a bit of pop with design, prints or color.

Look Put Together With Fun Details

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The devil is in the details?” It basically means that a seemingly simple task might actually take more time and effort once you know all that is involved. In fashion, this is actually a positive thing. A seemingly simple outfit – a shirt and shorts – can look much more put together if you add some fun details. In the first picture, adding a top with cut-out shoulders makes even jean shorts and flip-flops look put together. The eyelet pattern in these cute summer shorts adds pop when paired with a simple navy tank top. These summer outfits are still really comfortable, but the fun details make it look put together enough for a picnic or BBQ. If you’re looking for some fun details to add, these scalloped chambray shorts from Talbots would be perfect. Scalloped hems are all over the place this summer, but it’s really hard to find shorts with a 5″ hem. Talbots also has the same shorts in navy or green with a textured pattern. 

Open Shoulder top  eyelet shorts  shorts with 5" hem

Look Put Together With Fun Prints

Gingham and tropical prints are super on trend this summer, so use these fun prints to add pop to your summer outfits. Pair gingham shorts with a colorful tee or tank or look to a tropical print to make simple shorts pop. For this old lady, shorts with a 5″ hem are a must-have. Finding a 5″ hem in both a gingham short and a tropical print short was a huge score! My new gingham mules are super comfy and cute! If you were looking to add some pop to a simple date night outfit, then these gingham wedges might be just the thing! Old Navy is the perfect store for trying out new trends as their prices are great and they constantly have sales.

   Tropical print blouse  tropical print shorts gingham shoes

 Look Put Together With Fun Colors

Of course, tropical prints are fun colors, but why not try colored cropped jeans? They certainly add pop when paired with a white tank, slip-on sneakers, and a chambray shirt. If yellow colored jeans aren’t your thing, then add some fun sandals. The turquoise color makes a white tank and comfy, casual skirt pop. If you’re looking to jazz up shorts and a plain tee, then add a colorful statement necklace. The bonus here is that people will be naturally drawn to your face!

colored cropped jeans fun sandals colorful statement necklace colorful statement necklace

Look Put Together For Date Night

If you want to take your outfit up a notch then you might try combining additional fun elements. In the first picture below, I am wearing a simple tee, cropped jeans and slip-on sneakers. The outfit is a more put together look, because there is a fun detail – the embroidered jeans. Although a cute outfit, it’s really not ready for a casual date night, so I added more fun elements – a long, colored necklace and open-toed booties with a perforated pattern. By adding a little more pop, I am quickly ready for a date to a casual restaurant.

Embroidered jeans    Embroidered jeans

If you’ve already got great pieces to add pop, but need some basics, these jean shorts are my absolute favorite. They are long enough to cover everything, come in denim and white, still look modern, and could not be more comfortable!

I’d love to hear your go-to summer outfits that make you feel put together, but are still comfortable and casual.

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