Fabletics Review

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I’ve been meaning to try Fabletics for quite some time now. I always feel the need for new yoga clothes since I teach it three times per week. I decided to do a Fabletics review, because I’m tired of paying the high cost of Lululemon or having cheaper clothes wear out. Fabletics interested me with their cute colors and great offer of 2 pairs of leggings for $24. I was impressed with the website, but a bit confused about the process, so I thought I’d start with how the whole thing works. 

Fabletics Review

How does Fabletics Work?

Fabletics prides itself on high quality workout gear at a reasonable price. They make this happen by utilizing a membership or subscription program. Members get 50% off retail prices, free shipping on orders over $49, periodic special sales, and earn reward points for free gear. You can sign-in to their website and shop without becoming a member, but if you want the great prices, you have to enroll in the Fabletics VIP membership program.

Once you are a member, they send a monthly email with brand new styles. Although they give you a hand-picked list, you can shop for anything you want. If you don’t choose to buy that month, you have to skip by the 6th otherwise they will charge you $49 to use toward a future purchase. The good news is that they give you warnings, so it’s not too hard to skip in time. The best news, is your first membership order is a whopping good deal. I ordered an outfit (leggings and top) for $19 plus two pairs of leggings for $24. That’s $45 for three workout bottoms and one top – pretty amazing! Since it was such a good deal, I was a little worried about the quality, but that was an unfounded fear.

My review – Fabletics Pros and Cons

Fabletics Outfit

Fabletics Powerhold 7/8

Fabletics Pros

  1. Quality. I was seriously impressed with the quality of my purchases. I have been a long-time lover of Lululemon – the styles are cute and the quality is fantastic; however, you have to take out a second mortgage to buy it regularly. Fabletics has much better pricing, really cute styles, and they seem to be of great quality. When I put my new high-waisted power hold leggings on, I was in heaven. I honestly do not have a more comfortable pair of leggings and they didn’t have to be adjusted while I was working out – amazing! The white Salar capris caused some hesitation, but I couldn’t resist the fun pattern. Have no fear, they are thick enough to cover.

Fabletics outfit

White capri legging

  1. Fit. As I said, they were seriously comfortable and fit well in terms of staying put while working out. Another aspect of the fit that I loved was the length. I am 5’8″ with long legs yet full length leggings often bunch up at the bottom and I hate that. If I buy capri leggings, then I usually find that they are too short and look dorky. I decided to try the 7/8 legging and the capri leggings for Fabletics and I wasn’t disappointed. The 7/8 leggings were the absolute perfect length on me – right above my ankle. The capris were actually capris on me hitting a few inches above my ankle.

Fabletics outfit

Fabletics Powerhold 7/8

  1. Style. There were so many cute styles to choose from on their website with lots of modern cuts and patterns. You could choose workout gear by type or by sport. The $19 outfit I got had a fun blue and yellow patterned print legging and a top that included an interesting mesh portion. Every time I wear my fun leggings I get a ton of compliments. They also had amazing colors, which of course is a must for me, the color lady!

Fabletics Cons

  1. Membership. I hate getting emails and I hate having subscriptions and Fabletics has both. Although it would be nice if they made the VIP pricing available to anyone, that’s just not their business model. I do have to say, at least they’re nice about it and send you warnings.
  2. Sizing. I think they run a bit large, but maybe that’s me being used to Lululemon where I wear a size 4 or a small. I ordered a small and wish I had ordered an x-small. This actually isn’t Fabletics fault though as I should have looked at the sizing chart which clearly indicated that I should have bought x-small. Many reviews also indicated that the tops run a bit large.
  3. Returns. They do accept returns and reviews say it’s pretty easy; however, I was not able to return my too big top, because I had taken the tags off. The tags are clearly labeled, so again, this is my fault. I also should have read the reviews on my top as I would have known that it’s not the best top for yoga as it’s a little too boobalicious.

Fabletics outfit

Do the Pros outweigh the Cons?

For me, I decided that they do. Although I don’t love a membership option, it’s a small price to pay for great pieces and a low cost. After my personal color analysis, I changed out most of my closet but didn’t worry about my workout clothes. In wearing my new fun colors, I realize that color always matters. When wearing the right colors, I feel more energized when working out and it’s made me realize that I need to slowly replace many of my old pieces. My plan is to skip every month unless I see something I love that will enhance my workout wardrobe.

Have you tried Fabletics? I’d love to hear what you think about them in the comments.

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