7 Easy Steps to Your Best Style

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Style doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, there have only been two people in my life who have that special gift to just throw things together and make it look chic. The rest of us have to put in time and effort to figure out what works for us. If you are wondering how to be more stylish, look no further than the style statement. 

style statement

Style is self-expression that is communicated to the outside world via nonverbal cues. In order to be more stylish, you don’t need to read more magazines. Instead, you need to get more in tune with who you are and use that to develop a style that works for you. You can do this by developing a style statement.

A style statement helps to shape and define your style.  It gives you the recipe and ingredients you need when shopping for clothes or choosing outfits. It helps you become stylish in a way that is authentic to you – illuminating on the outside who you are on the inside.

The aim is to find the two words that describe who are you. Your first word represents the core of you – your essence – while the second word represents the impression that you like to make or the experience you like to create. In order to find your two words, follow the seven steps below. 

Style Statement Step 1:  

Look at some of your favorite clothing/accessory items and describe what you LOVE then list the adjectives that you utilized.

My examples:

  • Citizens of Humanity dark skinny jeans – They fit perfectly and I feel slim and sexy
  • Ann Taylor pink cardigan – I feel pretty, classic, approachable, and happy. 
  • Cranberry high heel booties – They are comfortable, fun, sexy, and colorful – they add a pop 
  • Cognac riding boots – Quality, fitted, rich, simple lines
  • Rose summer top – Figure enhancing, flirty, detailed, but simple
  • J Crew statement necklace – Classic, but colorful, goes with everything and adds pop
  • Blue coach handbag – Matches my eyes, goes with everything, simple, understated
  • Teal velvet blazer – Casual plus business, color pops, classic but fun
  • Wide-leg fitted trousers – Feel sexy, but elegant, look tall and they’re slimming

Adjectives utilized: fit perfectly, slim, classy, pretty, classic, approachable, happy, fun, sexy, colorful. Quality, fitted, rich, simple lines, flirty, detailed, simple, comfortable, figure enhancing, casual, flirty, understated, elegant

Style Statement Step 2:  

Look through magazines or online (Pinterest perhaps) and find pictures of outfits you really LOVE then write the adjectives that describe the outfit or person wearing it.

My adjectives: Cute, put together, simple elegance, subtly sexy, colorful but not garrish, casual, comfortable

Style Statement Step 3:  

Look around your home (or Online/in magazines) for things you LOVE –  from art to furniture to house styles – then write the adjectives that describe these things.

My adjectives: Comfortable, pottery barn, clean, organized, colored walls, Magnolia

Style Statement Step 4:  

If you’ve done a personal color analysis, Look at your Seasonal Color Report and describe the key to your seasonal colors, the dominant qualities of your season and the personality of your season. If you don’t have this information, just list some of your personality traits here.

The adjectives that came from my seasonal report (Floral Spring): Clarity, animated, active, casual, cheerful, friendly, spontaneous, light-hearted, outgoing, sincere, flirtatious, curious, friendly, good humored, optimistic, energetic, and happy,

Style Statement Step 5:  

Look at all the words/phrases you’ve listed and write the ones that really speak to you.

My words/phrases:

Simple Elegance, Subtly sexy, Classic, Approachable, Simple lines, Put together, Nothing extreme, Outgoing, Sincere, Fun, Friendly, Spontaneous, Light-heartedhappy,  perfect fitFigure enhancing, Energetic, Classy

Now, narrow your adjectives down to 2-6.

My Adjectives: Simple elegance, subtly sexy, classic, approachable,

Style Statement Step 6:  

Develop your two word style statement and what it means. Remember, your first word represents your essence while the second word represents the impression that you’d like to make.

My Style Statement:

Approachable Elegance with occasional hints of chic, sporty, or flirty

  • Approachable: bright, clear colors providing a sense of energy, friendliness, curiosity, spontaneity, and optimism
  • Elegance: classic shapes, decent quality, flattering lines, simple details and situationally appropriate

Style Statement Step 7:  

Use your Style Statement to refine your style:

  • Your closet: When evaluating your wardrobe – if an item doesn’t reflect your current style statement (and it will change over time), then let it go.
  • Your wardrobe: Use it to help create outfits that are authentic to you and convey the right message. When you’re getting dressed each day, if the clothes don’t work for your style recipe, you won’t feel quite right, not really you, or even uncomfortable.
  • Shopping: When you’re deciding whether or not to buy a new item, these are the ingredients you want to run the possible purchase past to see if it will enhance or diminish your style.

Here is an example of an every day outfit that embodies my style statement. It’s just a normal, every day outfit – nothing special, but I felt good in it, which is the whole point.

style statement

This outfit works for me, even though it’s not really what anyone would consider “elegant,” because it has flattering lines, simple details and is appropriate for a casual day. I’m fairly conservative so sometimes elegant means longer shorts and no cleavage. The blue shirt is a clear color and the statement necklace adds a sense of fun. The overall feel is a bit sporty and flirty; and therefore, this outfit makes me quite approachable. I wore it to the store the other day and I have to say it worked! People were striking up conversations with me left and right. As an extrovert, this was really fun for me. 

What two words define you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. If you’re not sure yet, you might want to get this free worksheet to help you figure it out!