“I could immediately see the difference…”

“Shannon did my colors a few weeks ago. Let me just say, “I am a believer!” I should preface this post by saying I love navy, red and white. I wear those colors all the time. Needless to say, they are not in my color fan. After having my colors done and seeing what colors made my natural features come out, I started paying more attention to myself in the mirror. I was slowly starting to realize that there might be some truth to my color analysis. But, it wasn’t until I went shopping for a Formal ball gown that I was completely converted to my color fan! Like I said earlier, I LOVE navy, especially in a Formal. I went to a nice department store and went straight to my regular choices…navy with silver, navy with gold and black. I happened to be walking by a sales rack and noticed a green dress that was long-sleeved. Since the function I was attending was in the middle of Nebraska in the Winter, I decided to try the dress on. I went to the dressing room and proceeded to try on dress after dress. The black one had too much lace and I looked like Morticia. Navy with silver completely washed me out and did NOTHING for me. Navy with gold was a little better, but not a show stopper. Then I tried on the green dress… a green that looked like it was hand picked from my color fan, I might add. Oh my goodness! It was perfection. I could immediately see the difference in how the color I was wearing changed how I looked completely. I bought the green dress. I’ve been going to formal events for lots of years. Most of the time, your friends give you a mandatory compliment and move on. I had so many compliments that evening…from friends and complete strangers…women and men. I am so thankful to Shannon for opening my eyes to finally see what I SHOULD be wearing!”
— Angela (Mellow Autumn)

“She really boosted my confidence”

“Shannon’s virtual color analysis is the best! She knows her stuff and is a joy to work with. With my color fan I am not wasting money on clothes that are wrong for me. She really boosted my confidence!”
— Carolyn (virtual client & Bronze Autumn)

“This is more than I’ve ever been given from any stylist.”

“Thank you again for today’s follow up session. I feel much more confident about this. I was describing your approach to some fellow teachers and I said “You can tell she is a teacher! She communicates well, has a solid presentation, and gives you a detailed document for later reference.” This is more than I’ve ever been given from any stylist. You are the best!”
— Renee (virtual client & Mellow Autumn)

“I look 5-10 years younger!

“Our session demonstrated to me how much color really does matter.  If I wear the wrong colors, my skin looks dull, my silver hair becomes dingy, and I look more fatigued. Whereas wearing the right colors brightens my skin, my hair shines and I look brighter, more energetic and happy. During the analysis, I found it stunning how two different shades and intensities of the same color (comparing two greens or two reds even from the same season) can have such a different effect.  I can look 5-10 years younger!! That is a big deal as I am approaching 70.

I also did a closet consultation and shopping spree with Shannon. The closet consultation went well although we ended up donating most of what I had!  It was interesting to see what was left and why it worked for me. We followed up with two shopping trips. Shannon was excellent – she understood my style and my body and helped me to enhance my look and shape my wardrobe. She is a terrific shopper — I don’t know how she found those pieces as I would have left the store with empty hands. The pieces she helped me buy make multiple outfits that are just grab and go for me and for which I receive numerous compliments.”
— Vicki (Color & closet curate client)

“Shopping has been changed forever.”

“What an eye opening experience…literally! Shannon is so knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I have to admit that my first reaction to the Bronze Autumn colors was BLAH! Then, I looked around my house and those colors were everywhere! Unfortunately, I had very few pieces of clothing that matched the suggested colors. Shopping has been changed forever…it’s quick and easy to go through a store and choose colors first, then decide if the style works for me. I’m excited to get dressed everyday and know that I’m in my best colors. It’s a game changer! Thank you, Shannon, for opening my eyes!”
— Lana (virtual client & Bronze Autumn)

“Shannon’s presentation was life changing.”

“Shannon’s presentation was life changing. I adore my fan! Shannon’s personal consultation, along with my custom fan, are helping me so much when putting outfits together from my current wardrobe as well as shopping for special events. In store factors – like lighting, what makeup I’m wearing/not wearing, mirrors in dressing rooms – all impact shopping decisions. My fan is allowing me to breeze through the process with confidence.”
— Christa (virtual client & Soft Winter)