I am a color and style consultant who is passionate about helping others curate their best image by understanding their own unique coloring.  Vera Wang said, “I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.” When you utilize the colors that are inherent in you, people are focused on you and not your clothing. A personal color analysis is the tool that enables you to become effortlessly confident.

My color journey began a few decades ago when my mom brought home the Color Me Beautiful book. I did the quiz and was quickly identified as a “Summer.” Unfortunately, that is where my color journey ended all those years ago and I promptly went back to my 1980s black eyeliner and mullet hairstyle. My style and color choices for many years were dictated by what I admired in others without any thought as to how those choices would work for my unique attributes.

I eventually learned what worked for my body, but I had a closet full of black and a drawer full of makeup that didn’t work for me and I was constantly shopping for the “next best thing.” Having a personal color analysis was life changing for me. It gave me the tools to refine my style and image in a way that was authentic to who I am and allowed me to appreciate the woman I saw looking back at me in the mirror.

After becoming more comfortable with my own image, I became obsessed with color in others and decided to make a career of helping people celebrate their own unique coloring (read how a personal color analysis is life changing). It’s such a rewarding experience to help someone see their own potential and beauty. I look forward to coloring you confident!

My before and after pictures – I am four years younger in the first picture, but don’t shine very brightly in a black shirt and warm makeup. Having a color analysis is not about ugly versus pretty. It’s about bringing out your authentic, best self!