What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here - so it’s time to lock down your plans and figure out what you are wearing. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team or just hanging with friends, you might as well score some style points! The last time my favorite team - the San...

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4 Easy Steps to Closet Organization

How many times have you looked in your closet full of clothes and determined that you have nothing to wear? Let’s change that by sorting through the keepers in your closet and ensuring that all of your pieces work for your coloring and lifestyle. If you've been...

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How to Shop Less and Love Your Wardrobe

If you want to shop less and still love your wardrobe, you have to learn to shop with intention. It wasn’t that long ago that I shopped just to shop. I had a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. This is true for a lot of us, because we don’t curate our...

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7 Easy Steps to Your Best Style

Style doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, there have only been two people in my life who have that special gift to just throw things together and make it look chic. The rest of us have to put in time and effort to figure out what works for us. If you are...

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5 Ways Personal Color Analysis is Life Changing

I discovered personal color analysis while trying to minimize my wardrobe. Many of the experts on minimal and capsule wardrobes talked about color and I started to realize the importance that color has to appearance. I always new that I looked terrible in brown, but I...

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