What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here – so it’s time to lock down your plans and figure out what you are wearing. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team or just hanging with friends, you might as well score some style points! The last time my favorite team – the San Francisco 49ers – went to a Super Bowl it was 2013. So, when it comes to figuring out what to wear to a super bowl party, I think more about color than team spirit.

what to wear to a super bowl party

Since we’re talking about color, we should probably start with the colors of the two teams going to Super Bowl 2019. Given that the Patriots are the only team to be in ten super bowls, you probably already know that their colors are navy, red, and silver. Although the Rams have been white, blue and gold, they’ve switched it up for the last few home games and have worn their throwback colors. Their traditional colors, albeit still blue and gold, are a bright blue with bright yellow.

super bowl colors super bowl colors

If you want to look your best in either team’s colors, you might want to know the season they belong to. The colors of the Patriots are 100% Winter – dark navy, pure white and true red. These are quintessential colors of True Winter, but Dark and Bright Winters will feel right at home as well. The bright blue and yellow of the Rams traditional uniform are perfect for Bright Springs, but will work great for Bright Winters and many True Springs as well. When it comes to picking your super bowl outfit, you have two options. Wear the colors of one of the teams or go neutral. As your color lady, either option will work for you regardless of your season, but you may want to tweak it a bit, so that you shine more than your clothes.

Wear Team Colors

If you are one of the seasons described above, then both you and your team will shine on Super Bowl Sunday. You can wear your branded team merchandise with pride or work your team’s colors into your outfit using a bold sweater like those pictured below.

Patriots outfits  Rams outfits   patriots and rams outfits

Red heart sweater | Navy striped sweater | Gold sweater | Blue sweater | Game On sweater

If; however, your team colors are not the best for you (find your best colors), then you have two choices. Your first option is to sport your team’s colors. Wear them loud and proud and let the team shine. If you want to support your team, but still shine, then you can just adjust your outfit a bit to make it work better for your coloring.

The first way to do that, is to camouflage the colors a bit. For instance, if you’re a light season, like I am, you can cover a red sports shirt with denim to reduce the brightness. If you’re an Autumn, you might do the same thing, but use an olive colored shirt. The second way to do this, is to wear your version of one of the team colors. My version of blue, for example, is a lighter version of bright blue, but still signifies that I’m a Rams fan. Autumns might choose gold or mustard to support the Rams and maybe a burnt red to support the Patriots. Summers will look great in muted navy or a softer blue, but generally need to avoid yellow.

super bowl colors

Wear Colors Neutral to Both Teams

If football isn’t your thing and your really just going to be with friends and catch the commercials, you might consider dressing for neither team. In my circle, super bowl parties are casual parties. Sweaters fit right in with the casual atmosphere and generally cold, winter day. My favorite outfit combination is a fun sweater, boyfriend jeans, and booties. Color block sweaters are all the rage this season and nothing says “neutral” like wearing multiple colors! American Eagle has a great variety, and one for every season! Other examples of “fun” sweaters are those with great sleeve details like those below. 

color block sweater what to wear to a super bowl party

Color Block Sweaters | Green Sweater | Soft Blue Sweater

Whatever you chose to wear, the most important thing is to feel confident! When in doubt, a simple sweater and your favorite jeans will always work well. Plus, you can always dress up an outfit with fun jewelry or simple hoops. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun!

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