Best Valentine’s Day Colors For You

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Should you wear red on Valentine’s Day? Well, it depends. Whether or not you should wear red, is about two things. The message you want to send with your outfit and whether or not it’s a good color for you. The color red represents romance, love, and power. Red is the color of attraction and sex.  Obviously a big bonus on Valentine’s Day. but worn in the wrong way or by the wrong person, and it can be seen as aggressive or it can outshine the person wearing it. Picking the right Valentine’s Day colors for you will help YOU shine over your clothes.

valentines day colors

Speaking of shining, my mom always told me that I looked great in red. I think she liked how it brought out my blue eyes and the fact that I was wearing color instead of black. The problem is it also brought out my rosacea and always made me a little uncomfortable. It was just a little too strong for my personality. Color has meaning and can alter how you feel, and, how others relate to you. So what’s the meaning of the color red?

Meaning of the Color Red

It’s no accident that red is the symbol of Valentine’s Day. It’s the color of romance, passion, and lust. Red affects us almost on a cellular level. It is the most emotionally intense of all colors. It has even been shown to increase your heartbeat and raise blood pressure. Due to its stimulating effect, it’s an extreme color. It’s sometimes seen as aggressive, so it’s not the best color for negotiation. Red clothing, however, does get you noticed, which is why it’s the color of attraction and great for Valentine’s Day.

Andrew Elliot has studied how red affects the brain in romance, athletics and academics. His studies showed that red has a powerful effect. Red sharpens performance in athletics, but hinders performance on tests. In terms of romance, both men and women find a person wearing red in photographs more attractive and sexually desirable than someone not wearing red.

If the study seals the deal for you, and you’d like to wear red for Valentine’s Day, you might consider which shade of red you wear.

Best Shades of Red For You

The right red is a skin enhancer as it makes you look vibrant and healthy. The right red for you may not be traditionally thought of as red. My best red is really a dark rose pink with a slight amount of warmth in it. How did I find it? Color Analysis. A color analysis should look at your personal colors – your natural blush, eyes, hair, skin tone – and create an individual color palette just for you. Your personal version of red, is your blush tone intensified. This is your romance color. It will bring out your femininity and allure. Taking your romance color up a level and you get the deepest version of red that still allows you to shine. This is your power red. This color will have a more dramatic effect and you will definitely be noticed!

color analysis

My personal color palette showing my best reds.

So how do you know what red to wear if you haven’t had a color analysis (Why knowing your best colors matters)? My advice is to get in tune with your personal color qualities. If you are deep and cool, think Courtney Cox or Naomi Campbell, most blue-reds will work great for you. If however, you have other color properties, you’ll have to do a little more thinking on this…

How to Choose Your Best Shades of Red

As with all colors, there are many varieties of red. Although it’s a vibrant color and on the cool side of the color wheel, there are definitely warmer, softer versions. Wearing the right red will make your skin glow while the wrong red will highlight imperfections. If you have a number of red items in your closet, you might consider analyzing your best reds in the mirror. Find an item in your closet that you know helps you glow when you wear it (not red). Use that as a barometer to the red items you own. Hold each one up in the mirror, in good lighting, and see how your skin reacts. How do the different red items compare to your “glow” item?

Once you’ve narrowed it down, put on the red you are thinking of wearing and take a selfie. Look at your selfie. Do your eyes go to the shirt first or your face? If your eyes go to your outfit, it’s probably the wrong red for you – usually too bright or too deep – so consider toning it down or wearing a different Valentine’s Day color.

Examples of Shades of Red

Light and bright people (like me) should look for lighter and brighter versions of red. If you are light, regardless of whether you are warm or cool, your best red will not truly be considered “red.” Look for a deep pink/rose if you’re cool and a deep coral if you are warm. If you look great in the harvest colors of fall, you will look best in a red with some warmth in it. Think brick red or mahogany.  If you have a softer appearance, then take the cool or warm colors and soften them – think heathered rose, or softened burgundy.



If you wear the red that relates to your own personal coloring, it will be romantic, will not be overpowering, and will even make you look younger. If you’re still not convinced that you’d like to wear red for Valentine’s Day, then consider trying another color that represents romance.

Other Valentine’s Day Colors

Red isn’t the only color of romance or of Valentine’s Day. Red, white and pink are all considered Valentine’s Day colors. Pink is also a color of love and affection. Since it has a gentler and more tranquilizing effect, it’s associated more with innocent love. White is about purity, so it’s a sweet, romantic color. If you have lighter coloring, winter white paired with pink is a beautiful combination. Although not a Valentine’s Day color, some orange tones can be romantic. Orange is quite an energetic color, the paler, softer versions – like peach – can symbolize purity and innocence. Thus, they are also great for a romantic palette.

When choosing your Valentine’s Day outfit, think about getting away from boring black and come alive with your best version of red and romance!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about red in the comments!