How to DIY the Knotted & Twist Front Shirt


What’s with the knotted shirt trend? Well, for one, it can help make your tops fit better. Secondly, it can add an interesting detail to an outfit. If at first this trend seems dated (picturing Britney Spears in the 90s), don’t worry. The trend is still going strong. How do I know? Basically, because retailers are selling the heck out of knotted shirts and twisted knot shirts. If you want to skip the higher price and just do it yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

Twist knot shirt

Knot a Button-Down Top

Twist Front ShirtThis Look just adds a bit of sass to an outfit! It works great with higher waisted pants or skirts if you don’t want to show any skin. Surprisingly, it can highlight a small waist or detract from not having one depending on where you tie it. It also is a cooler (literally) way to wear a button-down in the summer.

You can buy this super cute version from New York & Company or just do it yourself. To tie your own shirt, just leave the bottom buttons undone and tie. Seriously, it is that simple. How many buttons you leave undone will depend on your shape, so just experiment to find what works best for you.

If you want a similar look, but using a t-shirt, then you’ll have to use a different technique as they don’t have buttons!

Knot a T-Shirt

Knotted shirt trendOf course, you can just buy a shirt that already comes knotted. This one from Saks is adorable, but spendy as it’s on sale right now for $65. Why not just take your own t-shirt and do it yourself? If you’ve tried that and just can’t figure it out, it might be the type of t-shirt you used. In my experience, the best t-shirts to knot are super soft cotton and a little loose fitting. These t-shirts from Target are perfect and they are 3 for $20 right now, so that’s about 10% the cost of the fancy one from Saks! This tank top from Old Navy is another great option for $10. If your top is still not loose enough, consider sizing up from your regular size. Is all you need to do is grab the excess fabric, twist it, then make a simple knot. You can choose to knot in front, on the side, or in the back. I think to the side or in the back is the most figure flattering. You can also tuck the knot under or leave it out.

As I stated, the above technique works best with thinner cotton fabric. So, what do you do with those thick shirts that you are required to wear for fundraising, a school event or a race? These are the shirts that often fit the worst, so they definitely need something. But, even when it’s too big, the fabric is often so bulky that it ends up just being awkward. This is where the little girl rubber band comes into play. You simply tie an ear around the excess fabric and tuck it under. I like it best tucked under in the back, but to the front or side also works.

how to knot a shirt

It is a lot more figure flattering and is super easy to do. In case you need a little motivation, I made a video for you of using a hair band to tie your shirt. Bonus, you an also use a hair band to create your own twisted front shirt!

VIDEO: How to Knot a Shirt and DIY a Twist Knot Shirt

Twist Knot Shirt

Knotted front topThis twisted knot shirt from Bloomingdales comes in great colors and adds lots of fun detail. In my opinion though, you have to be careful with a twist knot shirt. I love mine, because I think it ramps up a simple outfit. However, I have tried some on that make me look like I have a huge stomach. I have lots of body issues, but a big belly isn’t one of them. Why would I want to add a body issue I don’t have? That’s the best part about creating your own twist shirt. You can place the detail wherever works for your body shape and it can be as big or small as you’d like. The only thing you need to make this happen is a shirt and a small hair tie. Watch the video above to see how easy it is!

I used this technique on a simple cream tank top that I got from Old Navy. The top fits me just fine, but I wanted to wear it with a dressier skirt. Creating a twist in the front added just enough detail to make the shirt work with the skirt. I love that it also doesn’t add a lot of bulk. Bonus – you can use this same technique with a cotton dress!

twisted knot shirt

Do you use a knot or twist to make your clothes work better for you? What other techniques do you use?

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