4th of July Outfit Ideas

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For 4th of July outfit ideas you have two choices – go all out and embrace the cheesy or be a bit more subtle. You honestly can’t go wrong with either and might even try both.

4th of July outfit ideas

This is my first 4th of July in Nebraska, and they seriously go all out for about two weeks. I’ve never seen so many fireworks in my life! Since I will be attending 4th of July events three days in a row, I am personally going to mix up my outfits. For a 4th of July outdoor concert, I am pairing my casual navy and white striped dress with bright coral sandals. Although this totally gives the feel of red, white, and blue, it’s slightly more subtle. The second event is a lake picnic with fireworks. I am going to don a frayed hem jean skirt with a navy twist bottom tee and navy gingham mules. Finally, on the actual 4th of July night where I’ll be watching fireworks on a field, I’m going to pair a navy printed top with light pink shorts. Again, it gives a Patriotic or festive vibe, but with a little more subtlety. Also, I don’t own red. Red isn’t in my color palette, so substituting with pink works great for me! If red isn’t your friend either, don’t worry. You don’t have to wear red, white, blue, or stripes to look festive or patriotic on this fun day.

4th of July Outfit ideas

4th of July Outfit Ideas That Are NOT Red, White, and Blue

If navy and red aren’t in your color palette (find your best colors), then feel free to mix things up! You can still do stripes, but maybe try them in a different color. Autumns look great in olive or burnt red stripes while Summers look great in a soft gray stripe. Another idea is to wear your color on top and then wear red, white or blue on your lower half. Olive and chambray both look amazing with all of our flag colors. Lastly, just wear your version of red, white or blue. Soft rose is a great version of red for a Summer and still looks festive and patriotic.

Red, White and Blue Outfit Ideas

If the colors of the flag aren’t in your palette, you might still want to wear them to get into the spirit of the day. No problem. Remember, it’s not about whether or not you will look pretty. You are always pretty. It’s about whether we notice you or your clothes first. On July 4th, we want America to shine, so just go for it! Call me cheesy, but I love these 4th of July outfit ideas from J. Crew. The jean jacket is a great outer layer if there is a chill in the air where you live. It can make a red printed dress a little more casual or add some color to an all white outfit. Ruffles are so en trend this year, so why not add some flare by wearing an off-the-shoulder ruffle top in red. Paired with navy shorts it’s actually a sophisticated look that is also festive. Speaking of sophisticated, you cannot go wrong with a jumpsuit this summer. This navy jumpsuit paired with a hat, will keep you cool while looking fresh.

Stars and Stripes Outfits

Along with all of the red, white and blue offerings, J. Crew is the place to shop for stripes. They have so many colors, versions and styles to complete your 4th of July outfit. Even better, stripes in navy or red! I can’t believe this striped top with tie sleeves is only $12.95 right now!  If stars aren’t your thing, then think about wearing something that mimics stars – like dots or dashes!

4th of July Shoes

Fun shoes. Need I say more? It you want your 4th of July outfit to pop, just add a fun pair of shoes. You can’t beat the price on these red espadrilles or the cuteness of the striped pair. So, wear whatever you want and add a dash of patriotic flair on your feet!

What is your preference on the 4th of July? Do you embrace or avoid red, white and blue combinations?

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