The Only Handbags You Need

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Fashion Advice | 0 comments


I have always been a minimalist when it comes to handbags. I can’t remember when I first started carrying one, but it was well after college. A handbag is now a necessity, but I still don’t like to fuss too much with changing them out. After having a personal color analysis, I realized that I only truly need two handbags – an eye color and a hair color. These two purses serve me all year round and go with anything I wear, because they relate to my coloring and match everything in my color palette. I love Coach purses, but don’t love the price tag. I found my blue eye color purse at a local thrift shop and my hair color purse at They were both barely used and I paid less than $70 for each. As you can see in the pictures below, each purse matched perfectly with my color palette swatches for my personal neutral (eye related) and casual neutral (light hair related).


As stated, these are the only two purses I NEED; however, I do have a couple more, but I still consider myself a minimalist when it comes to purses. My favorite alternate purse is my summer purse and it matches one of the colors on my pastel swatch. It was a gift from my sister and I literally used it every single day last summer and received so many compliments.  

The other two purses I use aren’t for every day. I use this creamy large purse when I need to carry my computer and I use this tiny wallet-like purse for crossbody walking around while traveling when I want my hands free. The little brown purse is an exact match to one of my dark neutrals whereas the cream doesn’t exactly match with my palette, but definitely works with it and is cohesive.


Bottom line, when you relate your handbags to your color palette, you can’t go wrong as it will always match. If you have brown eyes and brown hair, then you might want to use a brown purse that relates to your lowlights and/or highlights and then use a purse in one of your fun accent colors.  If you’d prefer to have just one handbag, the best I’ve seen is a Thirty-One Build your own purse. You can choose from three colors and two sizes and then change out your flap and your strap to suit your mood – what? So cool! Build your own bag Here

If you’re like me and you want to switch out bags on occasion, but hate the actual process of switching out bags, then you have to try the Thirty-One Swap-It-Pocket (pictured above)! There is a smaller and larger size depending on how big you like your handbags. The best part, is it keeps everything organized with zippers and compartments, so you literally just have to swap it and go! Plus, it comes in four colors – what’s not to love?! I would love to know your favorite brands and colors for handbags, so let me know in the comments! Note: I do not have an affiliation or affiliate agreement with Thirty-One Gifts – I just think they have some great products!