3 Summer Must-Haves – Fashion Trends to Buy Now

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If you look at what’s trending for summer on the runways, you will find pastel and primary colors along with crazy, unwearable trends like plastic clothing and 80s style. No thank you! The 80s need to stay in the past and plastic sounds miserable in the heat of the summer. If you look in the stores; however, you will see summer fashion trends that are much more wearable. My 3 summer must-haves for your closet are gingham, tropical prints, and kimonos.

Summer fashion trends

3 Summer Fashion Trends

1. Summer Fashion Trend: Gingham

Gingham is always a fun go-to for a summer outfit, but it’s especially trending now. Browsing through Old Navy the other day, I found it in shorts, pants, dresses, tops, and shoes! My favorite gingham outfit is to wear a gingham button-down shirt over a tee or tank with shorts. I find a lightweight button-down shirt to be a great alternative to a sweater in the heat of the summer. It takes the chill off and protects you from mosquitoes without adding too much warmth.

When wearing gingham by your face, make sure that the color and pattern are in tune with your season and coloring. Although I can handle a black and white gingham short or shoes, it would be too dark and would have too much contrast near my face for my light coloring (see post on personal color harmony). That’s why this Spring light blue and white shirt works much better for me. My dark gingham shorts have a tighter pattern, making them less contrasted, and work great for me paired with a Spring green tank top. If gingham clothes are a bit too much for you, consider trying the trend in a fun gingham print shoe – any season could add this to their summer wardrobe!

gingham outfits   gingham shorts   gingham shoe

Shop the looks: Gingham Shirt | Gingham Shorts | Gingham Sandals

2. Summer Fashion Trend: Tropical Prints

Nothing says summer more than a tropical print bathing suit or cover-up, but don’t stop there this year! Along with gingham, tropical print clothing is everywhere this summer. For Springs, tropical prints are easy, because they are usually in bright and clear colors. Springs just want to look for colors that aren’t too bright or dark as that would be more for winter. They also want to make sure that there is some space in their prints. I adore this cover-up and tank top from Target and this blouse from Old Navy.  Old Navy has tropical prints for every season right now and in all sorts of styles. I would have bought the light blue tropical print shorts, but they have a 3″ hem and this old lady only wears 5″ hems.

Tropical print  Tropical print tank  Tropical print blouse  Tropical print clothing

Similar coverup | Target Tank | Winter top | Summer blouse | Autumn shorts | Spring shorts

Tropical prints can be worn by every season, but there are certain things you might want to think about when making your purchase. Winters should look for contrast, like this great black and white top from Old Navy. Winters can also do a dark background with bright tropical flowers. Along with contrast, the key for winters is having some space in their prints. Summers don’t need a lot of space, but do need a bit more of a blended, muted look. This gorgeous blouse from Old Navy is perfect. Autumns look great in tropical prints as the Bird of Paradise is one of their favorite flowers. Unfortunately, the colors of the prints are often too bright for them.The key for Autumns is to look for a toasted look. The colors of fall leaves should dominate the print. Old navy has a great tropical print with an olive base that would be a wonderful option for Autumns.

3. Summer Fashion Trend: Kimonos

kimono outfit ideasNothing is more on trend this summer than kimonos. When thinking of kimono outfit ideas, don’t sell yourself short as they go with everything. I paired my kimono in this picture with cream jeans, open toed booties and a bright tank for a smart casual look. For a casual look, I pair this same kimono with jean shorts and sandals or flip-flops. The colors of a kimono add a fun pop to your look and they are so versatile. Like a button-down shirt, they provide cover without adding too much warmth. Not only can they add pop to an outfit, they also make a super stylish swimsuit cover up.

When looking for a kimono for your season, follow the same guidelines as for the tropical prints. Winters need drama and Summers need a muted, blended look. The kimono is a fantastic choice for Autumns as they look great in exotic or ethnic styles, but just have to watch the colors included.

Kimonos for Springs                            Kimonos for Summers

Kimonos for Spring              Kimonos for Summer

Spring: Kimono 1 | Kimono 2 | Kimono 3             Summer: Kimono 1 | Kimono 2 | Kimono 3

Kimonos for Autumns                                          Kimonos for Winters

Kimonos for Autumn                     kimonos for Winter

Autumn: Kimono 1 | Kimono 2 | Kimono 3                          Winter: Kimono 1 | Kimono 2 | Kimono 3

So there you have it, three summer trends to try this season. I’d love to hear what you think about these trends in the comments below.

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