Best Winter to Spring Outfits

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Our weather in Nebraska is bipolar as we’ve had 70 degree days plus snow in the past week! I think we finally had our last snow and I am praying for spring to start for real and stick! Thinking about warmer weather got me thinking about my transition pieces. Winter and summer are easy – one is hot and one is cold (where I live at least), but Spring is difficult. It’s not that warm and it’s not really cold, so what do you wear? I decided that the best winter to spring outfits always include great transition pieces. The best winter to spring transition pieces fall under categories, so here are a few of my favorites.

winter to spring transition


Best Shoes for Spring

In early spring, I know you are still sporting your closed toe booties and sometimes venturing into flats, but as the days get warmer, let a little air in! My favorites are an open-toed bootie or an open-backed mule. What better store to turn to for shoes than Nordstrom? I love this leather mule topped with a bow. It’s on sale for $50 and it comes in blush, black, white, red, yellow and gray. This bootie from Rampage is from Nordstrom Rack, so you know it’s a good deal and it comes in both black and camel.

Best spring shoe                   Best spring bootie

Best top for spring

Spring is all about fun, bright colors, but since there can still be a chill in the air, the perfect layering piece is a bright, but lightweight sweater. I got this fun, tie sleeve sweater from Nordstrom this weekend on sale and I practically live in my J Crew spring green sweater, which is on sale for $27 in quite a few colors including the one pictured on the bottom right.

best spring sweater     bright spring sweaters

Best Jacket for spring

A spring jacket has to be versatile. You need to be able to take it off and carry it around with you, so it has to be light.You also might end up wearing it all day, so it has to be an outfit maker. The moto jacket is the answer to this needed versatility. A great moto jacket will work all spring and although it may seem trendy, I have owned a moto jacket for a decade. You are still seeing them on the runway and in the stores, so it’s style that has really become a classic. If you don’t have one, you might consider a simple version. The Old Navy moto pictured on the left is super versatile and comes in several colors and fabrics. If you already own a moto jacket, you might consider this blue tweed moto or this  fun striped motoAll of these jackets are on sale right now, so now is the time to try out this classic spring jacket!

Moto jacket Best moto jackettweed moto jacketstriped moto jacket

Best prints for spring

Floral is obviously the go-to print for spring, but during early spring it can almost feel a bit vulgar. So, try it with something more muted and monochromatic like the sweater and scarf (pictured left) then add fun booties. You can still wear your brighter prints in early spring, just pair it with darker neutrals, like the middle picture. Finally, you might consider wearing a print that has a darker background like the third picture. There is nothing that makes me feel like I am channeling spring more than a print!

winter to spring transition outfit spring print spring outfit

Best style for spring

Speaking of prints, leopard doesn’t channel spring for me, but it’s definitely one of my go-to prints for shoes in the spring. Leopard always brings a bit of pizazz to an outfit and is considered a neutral, so it works with any color palette. Of course, when talking about spring style, the best style for spring is all about layering. If you live in a bipolar spring climate like I do, you need a style that can change from day to day and within one day, so layering is where it’s at. On a colder spring day, I love my leopard boots with a sweater topped by a chambray shirt. I often have to also add a jacket over this making it the perfect winter to spring transition outfit. As the days get warmer, I pull out my leopard flats and pair them with one of my lighter, brighter spring sweaters and often add a button-down for an extra layer.

winter to spring outfit     winter to spring outfit

My boots and shoes aren’t available any more, but click the links below to see similar styles. I actually got these adorable Lauren Conrad leopard flats on ThredUP – my favorite online thrift shop.

Leopard Booties | Leopard Flats

What are your favorite winter to spring outfits and transition pieces? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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