3 Scarves 6 Ways – How to Pick and Tie a Scarf

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Scarves. You either love them or hate them. I happen to love them, but didn’t wear them as much in a desert climate. Now that I live in Nebraska, I practically live in them! Lots of people avoid scarves, because they don’t know how to tie them. So, I decided to make a post on my favorite ways to tie three different types of scarves.


Before we can get into how to tie a scarf, we need to discuss how to pick a scarf. Honestly, that all comes down to color. When you have something so close to your face, you really need to be careful about color. Wearing the wrong color might highlight imperfections in your skin or wash you out. So how does one choose? Look to your natural coloring. My favorite way to pick a scarf is by using my custom color palette – especially my eye color, but I also use my colored neutrals and my accent colors.

And now for tying, this video shows three types of scarves and 6 ways to tie them:

My favorite lightweight scarves:

My favorite lightweight scarvesI say lightweight versus summer weight, as I wear all but the “pastel” year round. My all time favorite is my thin cashmere eye color scarf – it is warm and cozy for the winter, but still light enough for spring and fall. My second favorite is an almost match to my eye color swatch. I love it for its pattern and color. It’s somewhere in between my eye color and my neutral navy swatch. It goes with most of my closet and the pattern gives it a bit of a pop over my perfect eye color scarf.

My favorite printed scarf is the third pictured. It’s got a lovely spring floral print in my soft navy color and then the base of the scarf is in my subdued color. It brings softness to any outfit I wear it with. I got it on sale at Target for around $5, and wear it so much that the cost per wear is uncountable! My fourth favorite scarf is my pastel blue-green scarf, because it adds a pop of brightness to any spring/summer outfit.

Although none of mine are new, you can find similar scarves at these links: Printed Scarf 1 | Printed Scarf 2 | lightweight scarf | Fun printed scarf (blue camouflage)

My favorite winter scarves:

My favorite winter scarvesThe first pictured is my favorite winter scarf, because it’s my eye color. Given that it’s another infinity, I didn’t picture it in the video. My 2nd favorite is my blanket scarf. This was a new purchase for me this year as I just moved to a winter climate. I love it, because it’s so hard to find a blanket scarf in colors that work for me. This has my navy and one of my fun accent blue colors in it along with a soft pink. The big bonus is that I got it for around $12 on Amazon and it’s still available (in other colors too!). My third favorite, is this infinity scarf – it was equally inexpensive (also still available) and so warm and cuddly. The great thing about this one is that due to the blue and white of the scarf, I am able to pull off a more wintery pattern. You can find the same or similar scarves in the below links:

My blanket scarf | My infinity scarf | a similar warm, solid infinity

What’s your favorite way to tie a scarf – I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Please note that I do get a small commission for anything purchased through the above links. The links are provided for convenience and are not meant to be a sales tool.