3 Reasons to Buy a Capsule Wardrobe

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The “Capsule wardrobe” has become a huge buzzword phrase with lots of people looking to minimize their wardrobe along with their shopping budget. If you haven’t caught on to the craze just yet and are thinking, what is a capsule wardrobe, anyway? A capsule wardrobe is usually defined as a minimalist wardrobe with 30 to 40 pieces that mix and match with each other. It’s a selection of a few essential closet staples mixed with some fun seasonal pieces. A capsule wardrobe can be the key to dressing quickly and feeling put together each day. Although you can definitely put one together on your own, it’s a lot more fun to buy a capsule wardrobe and make it your own.

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My favorite stylist is Alison Lumbatis with Get Your Pretty On. Not only do I love her style, but I can count on her to know the latest trends and work them into a capsule in a modern, yet totally normal way. The best part is that I think her capsules work for a variety of ages – from teens to more seasoned ladies like myself – and lifestyles. You might be wondering why I, as a color and style consultant, would pay someone else to put together a capsule wardrobe. Basically, I have three reasons why I buy a capsule wardrobe each season and why you might consider it as well.

1. Get Out of a Style Rut

It’s good to know who you are, but sometimes we all need a little push. Before the style challenge, I was stuck in a rut. I knew what looked good on me and I went with that. Having a classic style, I would have never tried animal print shoes or kimonos. Alison, the creator of the capsule wardrobes I purchase each season, changed all of that. I was so stuck on only wearing my colors, that I would have never bought animal print shoes. Now they’re a favorite. Nope, they aren’t in my color palette, but that’s what make them great. I can wear a shirt in my colors and then “pop” the outfit with animal print flats. I am just as comfortable going to the grocery store, but people will stop me and say I look great – bonus!

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2. Save time getting dressed each day

Speaking of the grocery store, the other part of my rut was only getting dressed when I had to. If I had an event (appointment, coffee date, what have you) that day, I’d get dressed, but only for the event. I LOVE being comfortable. So, before and after each event, I was back in sweats. My poor husband – that’s all he ever saw at home! My family always said I was all or nothing. Dressed to the nines or like a vagabond. Having a seasonal capsule wardrobe at the ready changed all of that for me. Each season, I always have go-to pieces that I can use to dress quickly and still look put together.

I believe in this concept so much, that I started with the Casual Wardrobe Builder and then completed three different seasons. It’s truly taken the pressure off of dressing for me and I’ve grown in my style confidence with each season.  Although you don’t have to, I also participate in the style challenge that comes with each season. This is a closed group where you can post pictures and bond with other ladies using the capsule wardrobes. It’s always such a lovely, supportive group and it’s so fun to see how other ladies make the pieces of the capsule their own. Doing the challenges forced me to dress everyday and I learned that I could be just as comfortable when looking put together. My husband is thankful!

The absolute best part of having the capsule wardrobe is that I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear. Having the capsule wardrobe means I don’t need time to figure out what I’m wearing. I just turn to the next day – no muss no fuss!

3. Save money on clothes

Although I pay $39 for the benefit of a great capsule wardrobe, it actually helps me save money on clothes. The capsule helps me tune into what I might really need to update my wardrobe instead of buying lots of new things each season. I spend less by shopping my closet first and then using the provided shopping list to potentially buy a few pieces. I can buy as much or as little as I want.

Knowing your colors and body shape helps (post on how personal color analysis is life changing). I look at what Alison provides and then adjust to suit my coloring and what I already have in my closet. In the Summer Capsule Wardrobe, for instance, there is a black casual dress. Well, black is not my friend, but I have several cotton dresses that will work great! I did buy a kimono as I decided it was about time that I tried this trend. I found one in a great Spring print (post on best prints by season) and on sale for $12. Yes!!!

At $39, the Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe is the easiest way to rebuild your wardrobe and always stay on top of seasonal trends. The great news is it launched today with shopping lists and information. We start styling our outfits and posting to the optional Facebook group on June 11, so don’t hesitate!

What you get in your 28-piece capsule wardrobe:

  • 31-days of mix-and-match outfits
  • Shopping list of on trend summer essentials, including accessories for all ages, sizes, and price points, but there is no need to buy anything
  • Dress it up and dress it down options to adjust each outfit for all your events
  • Private Facebook group for advice and support
  • Bonus 1: Summer 2017 capsule wardrobe to double your outfit ideas
  • Bonus 2: Summer wedding looks

If you don’t have a lot of staples to build upon, you might consider starting with the Closet Staples Wardrobe Builder. If you’d rather not use a seasonal wardrobe, then the Big Book of Outfit Formulas might be for you. It provides over 300 outfit ideas to use all year.

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I’d love to hear how much you love using a capsule wardrobe, so post your comments below!

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