Using Your Color Palette for Makeup

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Seasonal Color Palette

Makeup. It’s a love/hate relationship. I have no problem going to the grocery store without makeup, but I will kick myself for doing it if I run into someone I know. I like being bare-faced, but if we’re being honest, I need makeup to look like I got ready for the day. The question for me isn’t whether I’m going to wear makeup, but rather, what makeup to wear. Having a custom color palette has made this decision easier!


Before I had my colors done, I simply followed the advice of experts who said that with my blue eyes, I should wear oranges, browns, golds, peaches, and pinks. There was no consideration in this advice for skin tone. Following this advice achieved mixed results. I lived in warm browns, peaches and gold and would often get compliments on my eyeshadow. Any compliment is a good compliment, but I would prefer to receive a compliment about my eye color rather than my eyeshadow.

It’s my belief that makeup should enhance how you look and not be the focal point and this is where your color palette comes into play. Your seasonal color palette makes it easy to choose makeup that works for your skin tone and complements your eye color. Simply just choose colors in your fan. I like my pinks and reds for lip and blush colors and my nude, blush, and hair colors for eyeshadow. When I want to add drama, I use darker tones of those same colors or I chose a color from my dark neutrals. 

In this short video, I demonstrate my 5 minute every day face using my seasonal color palette. If you’re tempted to skip the video, don’t. It’s good for some great laughs. Seriously, who puts on foundation and mascara that way?

The products I used in the video all came from IT Cosmetics. I love this brand – it was developed by plastic surgeons and comes infused with good stuff! They indicate that their colors are “universally flattering;” however, I still chose to buy colors based on how well they match my fan, I started off my quick, everyday look with the IT Cosmetics CC cream. I am normally a Medium Light in tinted moisturizer products, but bought the Light after swatching the cream with my fan. The color is perfect for me. This cream covers a lot of imperfections, is extremely hydrating, and doesn’t need powder.

Next, I applied lipstick. Don’t ask me why I do this, because I don’t know! I have been looking for a “My lips but better lippie” for a long time now and finally found it with It Cosmetics Blurred Line in Live. It’s a rose color that has just a bit of warmth to it and swatches perfectly to my dark pink and/or my medium red. I wear it daily! If I’m going to dress up, and want a more dramatic look, I add a second coat or put a gloss over it, which brings it to the level of my darkest red (which is really a dark pink, because I can’t handle red).

I also apply a soft pink to my cheeks (I used to use bronzer as a blush – a technique that only 1% of the population should use). The blush pictured is great because it has a subtle highlighter built in and matches my pinks perfectly. Given that my own natural blush isn’t very rosy, I look for a blush that swatches to my pinks and not to my “blush.”

Next, I tackle my eyes. I start with an IT Cosmetics Superhero eye foundation, which is a shadow and primer mixed together. This one swatches perfectly to my white, which is a creamy, soft color. I then use a tan color, that matches my eyebrows and lowlights swatch, in my crease. I soften it by blending with a pinkish shade that matches my natural blush swatch. Finally, I use the same tan shade to line my eyes. People who are somewhat fair, really should avoid dark liner, because that is all others will see when they look at your face. I do use the darker brown shadow for a more dramatic look if I am dressing for a formal event or date night. This color is also in my fan as one of my dark neutrals.

I finish my look with black mascara. A lot of fair women, do better with a charcoal or navy mascara, but I prefer black due to the deepness of my blue eyes. On a side note, I also have a Maybelline palette (Mocha Motion) which I Sometimes substitute for my everyday look. This palette does not match my palette that well if I just lay my fan near the colors; however, it’s a great match if I swatch the colors on a white piece of paper and then compare it to my fan. I like the colors of the palette, but they don’t last all day like the It Cosmetics eyeshadows.

The tools I used in this video, all came from IT Cosmetics. I got my products at Ulta, but you can buy them directly from IT Cosmetics as well. The palette is IT Girl Limited edition – I absolutely love having my eyeshadow, blush, and eyeliner all in one place! I also love my 4-in-1 brush – you just click it up or down for a harder or softer brush and then flip it over for eyeliner – Brilliant! Finally, the curve of the blush brush is perfect for the IT blush that includes a bit of highlight.

Completed face

What are your favorite products for an everyday face?

Note: I am not an affiliate for IT Cosmetics nor for Ulta.