Best Jewelry for Each Season

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I always tell my clients that knowing your season – and thereby your best colors and styles – isn’t about being prettier. You are always beautiful regardless of what you wear. It’s about you shining versus allowing the items you are wearing to shine. This concept holds true for jewelry as well. Each season has specific styles of jewelry that work best for them. When you wear the right design elements in your jewelry, your eyes are drawn to your face instead of the piece.

Best jewelry

In the pictures below, the pictures on the left are Summer necklaces and those on the right are Spring. In the first set, the one on the left is a great color for me, but the design is too complex so your eyes are drawn to it versus my face. The statement necklace on the right may seem complex, but the flowers are distinct and simple making it perfect for a Spring. The long necklace by itself is simple and works for me, but when doubled up it draws your eyes down. The best jewelry by season is pretty easy to spot once you know what to look for!

best jewelry

Best Jewelry for Spring

Spring JewelrySpring is a season of simplicity. The flower of spring is the tulip – a bright and simple flower. People who fall into the Spring color season generally need simple design and lightweight jewelry. They can look put together without any jewelry, so less is definitely more for this season.

Springs look best in one statement piece – a necklace, earrings OR bracelets. They look great in long, simple necklaces, but don’t tend to look right in a double-strand necklace. Given that they’re often a “girl next door” type, they can also handle fun, whimsical pieces. These might include pineapple earrings or a fun, floral statement necklace. When wearing floral, Springs should ensure that the flowers are distinct and not blended.



Best Jewelry for Winter

Winter is the other season of simplicity. If you picture a winter landscape of a snow capped mountain, you can see why. Like Springs, Winters need simple design; however, they can handle a larger scale than Springs. Coco Chanel, one of the most famous Winters, said ““Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” This is a great mantra for Winters.

Winter is a season of contrast, so black with silver looks particularly good on a Winter. As they are often formal and a bit regal, they also look great in pearls and diamonds – the larger the better! Large silver cuffs and earrings look great on them as well. Like Springs, they do best with one statement piece versus trying to wear a lot of jewelry.


Best Jewelry for Summer

You can best understand the complexity of the Summer season by picturing an English tea garden with muted flowers that all blend together. Although Summers need a lightweight scale to their jewelry, they can handle complexity. The jewelry can have swirls, multiple layers, and multiple textures. Summers don’t get overwhelmed with multiple pieces of jewelry – they can rock a necklace and earrings and sometimes even add bracelets or a hat.

Summers tend to either be a Grace Kelly type or an Angelina Jolie type. One might wear a multiple strand pearl necklace while the other is adorned in leather.



Best Jewelry for Autumn

Like Summers, Autumn is a complex season. The Autumn landscape is one of falling leaves in varying colors with a winding landscape. Unlike Summers, however, Autumns can handle a larger scale of jewelry. Also, although many don’t look great in pearls, they can seriously rock ethnic, rustic, and tribal looks.

Autumns look best with just a bit of edge to their look and jewelry can really help them to achieve this. The fan earring is totally in this year and it’s the perfect trend for an Autumn. They also look great in natural rocks, tribal arrows, and multiple stranded necklaces and bracelets. 



What’s your favorite style of jewelry? I’d love to hear about your favorite seasonal pieces in the comments.